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Surfing is the fastest growing sport worldwide. There’s no better feeling than catching your very first wave. It’s what made us fall in love with the sport! At Avalon Surf Camp in Avalon, New Jersey, we are committed to making sure you have this experience. Our international surf instructors take pride in giving kids and adults this same first surfing experience. We have a variety of experienced surf instructors who provide surfing instruction at a level that meets your needs and surfing experience.

Also, surfing is not just about catching a wave, but becoming a waterman. At Avalon Surf Camp we provide surfers a water education about rip currents, undertows, etc. Understanding the complexity of the ocean’s movements is an essential factor for becoming a safe and successful surfer. Respecting the forces of Mother Nature is taken very seriously at Avalon Surf Camp. In addition to surfing instruction and water safety, you will have an enjoyable experience with our surf instructors. Their passion for surfing will soon become your passion. No one ever forgets that first surfing experience! At Avalon Surf Camp we not only guarantee success, but a lifetime of memories, contact us today to get started!

"The joy of surfing is so many things combined, from the physical exertion of it, to the challenge of it, to the mental side of the sport."

-Kelly Slater

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15 Year Anniversary!

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Great surfing lessons, especially for the kidlings in your group! We just returned from a week long vacation in Avalon, NJ. As a special treat we enrolled the 5 of them in a morning 1-hour surf lesson that met on the beach at 24th Street. We've tried to enroll them in lesson in the past, but usually call with less than 24 hours notice. Thankfully, Avalon Surf Camp was able to swing a lesson for the kids. We were delighted that each child had an individual instructor. The kids, all girls, ranged in age from 9 to 14 with no prior surf experience. The girls were a little nervous but the surfer-dude laid-back attitude of the instructors quickly calmed the nerves. But while being all surfer-dude like, the instructors were serious about safety and technique. The went through a mini-lesson on the sand and practiced popping up on the board and laying on the board. They talked about how to approach waves and more. Then they hit the water. I'm not a surfer, so I can't say if the waves were good or not, but I can say that eventually every girl was standing and riding waves. They were smiling and crashing, splashing and laughing. The instructors were encouraging without being coddling. And they coordinated well with each other to make sure that everyone was safe and having fun. The hour went by quickly and our daughters emerged from the water among foaming smiles. My one daughter said that she could do it for 5 more hours. They have week long surf camps with 2 hour lessons per day. I think that we might try it out next year!
Avalon Surf Camp would love to be a part of your special event! Wether that be a birthday, holiday, or even a family outing, come soak up some sun and waves with us! Inquire for more details on a packaged deal!
Summer photo packages offered for campers and students. For $90 you can receive 5-10 high resolution photos of yourself or child surfing a wave for the very first time, an experience you never want to forget! Be sure to select “Gift Certificate” under the Sign Up page.
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We are taking the proper precautions with social distancing and sanitizing equipment to ensure all guidelines are followed. See you in the water!